About Us

About Us

Roopsa's was founded by Ms. Sangeeta Basu, Mr. Sourav Ghosh and a few other local artists from rural area of Jharkhand, way back in 2000. Initially, the focus was to support rural art by only promoting the products created by local artists. Later in year 2008, the company well formed its structure to promote different kinds of Artwork of high quality standards. The artworks that we offer are contemporary in designs and borne out of the skills & craftsmanship of Artisans, who are member of the Roopsa's family. As a manufacturer of Bird Tree Statues, Cow, Bull, Unity Sculpture, Customized Garden Sculpture, Traffic Circle Chowk, Traffic Circle Development, Chowk Development etc., we got popularity in the market. Apart from this, we also render Horse Sculpture Installation Services, Customized Temple Construction and Customized Temple Construction Development Services.

Roopsa's continued to carry forward vision which focuses on upbringing different Art Forms by nurturing the Artist and helping them promote their products in the upmarket, keeping close watch on quality standards. Innovative design, theme design and clubbing those designs with rich heritage of ancestral art forms provide an ocean of ideas to our Artist. It helps us to create new Art forms very often. This makes our product unique and highly different from Art works which are regularly available in the market. Apart from vision, Roopsa's integrated value system works as the backbone of our organization, all our employees are engaged as partner and they know their importance & role in this big family. Our value system is based on Trust- Our customers trust us and they feel proud when we deliver them valuable products, we Trust our employees, our employees Trust each other. Moreover, we equally Trust all our associates who have helped in establishing Roopsa's as the most prominent player in India and abroad as an Customized Art House.

With all your support and blessings, we promise to keep ourselves under a low profile and let our sculptures and different works delight and bring the true reward to our Roopsa's team.

Why Us?

In eagerness of gaining instant success and making more profits, most of the companies fail by not maintaining quality standards and offering only attractive products that people when purchase then regret for dealing with the manufacturer, which further leads to company's negative image. In our company, it is believed that making attractive items is important but maintaining high quality standards is also crucial. For this, we make use of good quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing and testing facilities for the offerings. Following are a few reasons that justify why customers should deal with us:

  • Serving products of innovative design and offering customization facility as required by end clients
  • Using the most reputed brand products as Raw material and thus consistently meeting high finished quality requirements
  • Engaging the customer from design stage to create a real time partnership approach for any project

Core Value of our Company

Our employees are careful about certain values which we do not compensate at any cost. Loyalty of our employees is a very important for us, as they have helped us achieve great success in the industry. Our customers are our very first priority and pleasing them is our duty for which we attend them with high gratification. The quality of the offerings is matchless when compared to the offerings made by other manufacturers, and this is due to our commitment to bring-forth the best to customers. For us the reputation of our company is very important and for this we serve our clients honestly.

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Contact Us

No.001 Sai Park Apartment, Plot No. 22 & 24,Behind Petrol Pump, Sector 12, New Panvel, Panvel, Maharashtra, 410206, India
Phone :+918068211439